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Gulet cruise food options in Croatia. Initially, you may be somewhat confused about gulet Provisioning and Full Board options. Whilst on a gulet cruise in Croatia, the majority of guests comment on how much they enjoyed the foods, the quality, variety and taste. Plus, the memorable and enjoyable experience of eating out on deck with your family and friends. So it’s important to understand how this is organised and achieved.

When you first consider chartering a yacht, you are normally offered a Full Board meal package, along with your yacht rental price. Its useful to understand what this actually includes; sometimes water, tea,  coffee and other soft drinks are included, sometimes not.

Our own Full Board package is competitively priced and also includes all soft drinks (water, tea, coffee, fruit juice, soda’s etc) for €40 per person, per day – Children up to 12 years €30 p.p.p.d.

Gulet cruise food options in Croatia. An alternative to Full Board, is to do your own provisioning i.e. you do your own shopping, this is always normally an option. However, if this option is to be considered, be aware of the following; Crew meals need to be taken into account, things such as toilet rolls, napkins, soap, cleaning materials, also need to be included. Furthermore,  shopping in a different country where you wont neccessarily understand seasonal products, pricing, quantities, etc. This is also time consuming and tiring, during the hot and busy high season time. So whilst this is an option, it’s not for the faint hearted!

Gulet charter food options in Croatia, Turkey and Montenegro. The full board options offered by the agencies, do normally represent good value for money. They achieve this by using a dedicated and professional provisoning service, offered by the larger retail chains. The food and provisions are then delivered fresh to the yacht, on the day of your arrival and go straight into storage/refrigeration.  Following years of experience of this work,  they understand the quantities, product shelf life, etc. So it makes practial and economic sense. Otherwise, there could be much wastage, or not enough provisions.  Once you are out on your cruise, there are going to be days where there are no shopping options, if you in a quiet bay, or along a peninsula with no road links. So it is important to get this right!

What does the Full Board menu offer?

Buffet Breakfast – based on the Turkish breakfast, but with International additions and favourites;

Bread, choice of cheeses, jams, honey, eggs, butter, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, yoghurt, sausage, cereal, milk, fruit juice tea and coffee. Each day there will be slight variations, chef may make pancakes, eggs varied -omlette, boiled, fried or scrambled.

Lunch is normally suitably light, vegetarian, healthy options, to keep you feeling hydrated during the hottest time of day. Maybe; Tuna salad, stuffed peppers, green beans, vegetable pasties, served with either pasta, bulgar (cracked wheat) rice, mixed salad, or plain yoghurt, bread. Followed a little later, by fresh fruit.  A tasty and varied menu, without being too heavy.

Afternoon tea is a lovely time for everyone to come together on deck, after activities, or sunbathing, to have a refreshing cup of tea, or coffee served with a selection of biscuits, cake or savoury snacks.

Evening Dinner –  meat or fish options; Beef, ( steak, whole, sauteed, meatballs, etc) chicken, (fillets, quarters,  drumsticks, etc)  lamb cutlets,  or seafood ( sea bream/bass, prawns, calamari)  Plus, fresh local options. Most yachts have an outdoor BBQ for grilling, as well as normal kitchen facilities.

Accompaniments; Turkish meze, vegetables, pasta, Bulgar, rice and various mixed salads and bread. Dessert is generally fresh fruit. Sometimes chef may include a few Turkish specialities, or even bake you a cake!

The Turkish/Meiterranean Kitchen is rich in tase and variety and also very healthy.

Furthermore, we always send out to our guests a preferences list ahead of their charter, in order to learn of any special requirements regards diet, or allergies etc.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have ahead of your charter, regards food, or any other issues. Our goal is always to ensure our clients a perfect gulet cruise Croatia experience.

Dubrovnik Yachts

- Crewed charter yachts in Dubrovnik -

28 Meter
6 Cabin
12 Guest
€ 11950 €10950
28 Meter
6 Cabin
12 + 2 Guest
€ 16300 €15300
27 Meter
5 Cabin
10 Guest
€ 17800 €16800
21 Meter
4 Cabin
8 Guest
€ 10800 €9800
33 Meter
8 Cabin
16 Guest
€ 22500 €21500
32 Meter
7 Cabin
14 Guest
€ 16000 €15000
26 Meter
5 Cabin
10 Guest
€ 15000 €14000
34 Meter
6 Cabin
12 Guest
€ 29000 €28000


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