Skippered Gulet Cruise in Fethiye

Skippered gulet cruise in Fethiye. Fethiye is one of the most famous cities in Turkey. Laded with history and ruins that tells ancient stories, this city is perfect vacation destination for those who are in love with history and nature. It lies in Aegan region and is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. In ancient times, it was named as Telmessos. This city was also a part of the great Persian Empire and Ottoman Empire in different time period. It is even connected to Alexander the great. Later, it was renamed as Fethiye to honor Fethi Bey. He was a pilot in Ottoman Air Force and was killed during a mission. So, are you excited to visit such historically rich city? Then just rent a yacht for skippered gulet cruise and be ready to explore Fethiye.

Skippered gulet holidays in Fethiye. Fethiye is a dreamland of every captain, sailor and yachtsman. If you love adventure and nature, then you will fall in love with this place. Its coasts, islands and coves hold many beauty and fauna. The breathtaking bays and awesome canyons will make you feel that this is one of the heavens in earth. On top of that, if you charter a yacht then you can sail in the blue sea for a long time. The beauty and the silence of the sea will give you a peaceful feeling. Sometimes, silence and beauty can take you far away from your busy and hectic life. You will be thankful for this opportunity to see one of the god’s gifts. If you rent a yacht for skippered gulet cruise in Fethiye then you can visit any secluded islands or bays that you want to. No one will stop you or put forth any rules. It’s you who have chartered the yacht and it’s you who get to decide where you want to go.

There are many islands around Fethiye. Normally the yacht cruise of Fethiye include the famous 12 island cruise which includes Tersane , Yassica, Nicholas and other islands. You can enjoy a whole day exploring these 12 islands which are unique yet similar at the same time. Each of these islands holds historical and natural beauty that ought to be visited at least once in a lifetime.

Skippered gulet cruise in Fethiye Turkey. The other thing you can do is swim in the blue and warm sea for as long as you want. You just have to drop the anchors and you can swim as if the sea belongs to you. You are bound to feel refreshed after diving in such cool yet warm water. The feeling when you swim in the blue sea, surrounded by beautiful islands cannot be described in words. For that you will have to experience it yourself. So, by chartering a yacht for crewed gulet cruise you can see the beauty of blue water meeting the green forest.

There must be very few places, which looks different in the day time and night time. In day you can enjoy the sun and the nature’s beauty whereas in night you can enjoy the silence and the sound of the water. Especially, if there is a full moon, you are bound to fall in love with this place again and again. If you planning to go on a trip with your spouse or your girlfriend/ boyfriend, then it is guaranteed that you will have a romantic and peaceful trip. Just mix the moonlight, sea, yacht and nature with champagne and then you will have one the most memorable nights of your life. For skippered gulet cruises in Fethiye check our rental gulet list.

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