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Yacht charter in Fethiye offers many possibilities. Both ports are located within the magnificent Göcek Gulf,  which offers numerous Islands, bays, history, nature and wonderful scenery for perfect anchorages. Furthermore, if you decide to head East, or West, from this point on a weekly charter, there are world famous places of interest located close by. Plus, an added advantage is the close proximity to Dalaman International Airport. Just some of the many benefits from chartering in Fethiye or Göcek.

Ölü Deniz, Saklıkent, Kekova and other paradises

If you elect to embark in Port Göcek, this is a charming small town with some interesting shops and restaurants, the main business of the town is Yachting and its associated services. There are several marina’s the main Municipal marina being the one where the gulets arrive and depart. Immediately you depart  the harbour you will be in Blue Cruise country, with an abundance of beautiful natural anchorages. Göcek is a short 25 minutes road transfer from Dalaman Airport.

The concept of yacht charter in Fethiye offers another alternative to start your cruise. About 1 hour transfer from Dalaman Airport, this larger resort, offers a variety of shopping,  very popular fish market and lively nightlife. Situated close to the marina is an ancient amphitheatre and rock tombs. A short distance by road is Kaya Köy, the deserted Greek City. An excursion can also be organised to Saklikent Canyon. As you depart the main harbour you are immediately within reach of many popular Blue cruise anchorages. If you head out of the gulf to the East, you will pass Gemiler Island, Ölü Deniz, then onward to Kaş, Kalkan, Demre and Kekova. If you want to meet with the special services of yacht charter in Fethiye, meet with our luxury yachts and professional cabin crew.

Within Göcek Gulf itself are many islands, bays; Hamam bay offers the possibility to swim in and around the ancient ruins there, anchoring next to a small traditional settlement. Bedri Rahmi bay is named after a famous Turkish artist, you will see the image of a fish painted onto a rock. Also, clearly visible are some rock tombs in the hillside.

Greatest experience of yacht charter in Fethiye

Tersane island has many beautiful anchorages around and a small restaurant is sited there and if you explorethe island a little further you will come across the local community who live off the land, and have their tree houses there. On the edge of the Gulf to the west is Ağ Liman, a very pretty anchorage with clean seas and small pebble beaches.

It is possible to take a small walk up the mountain through the forest and discover an interesting historic ruin on top of the mountain, with fantastic views across the whole Gulf. Also, if you head West out of the Gulf en route to Marmaris, you pass one of the most famous and popular tourist destintions. It is possible to anchor in Ekincik then take a taxi boat for the day for an unforgettable adventure along tht Dalyan river. And you enter the estuary via Turtle Beach, the nesting grounds for the famous loggerhead turtles. It is possible to enjoy this beautiful soft Sandy beach during the daytime. Along the river through the bullrushes it is possible to see local fishermen catching blue crab, unique to this area. Also, the route is Dalyan town, the Mud Baths, Caunos ancient city and some fine rock tomb examples are clearly visible.

Finally, the concept of yacht charter in Turkey is so important for people who want to discover all of the amazing places of Fethiye, Bodrum, Marmaris and other special destinations.

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