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Yacht charter in Corfu concept has become one of the most important concepts in Greece for many poeple who want to discover the amazing Greek Islands from many different countries of the world at the last years. Today,  discovering Corfu which is located in Cyclades region of Greece is so easy. With special yacht charter concepts which was provided by our company, you will see the most popular destinations and hidden paradises of Corfu Island. You will a lot of yacht or gulet alternatives in our portfolio and you can choose every one.

Different yacht classes available

There are four main classes of yachts like standard, luxury, deluxe and VIP classes. You can prefer a yacht or gulet which is suitable for your budget easily in our special alternatives. Briefly, choosing the class of yachts will be your preference of course, but with filling the best offer form, you can see which yachts are available in your selected date and location. However, the comforable level varies with the class of our yachts. For example, you will find an ultra-full system on our VIP yachts, and you will find standard services on our standard-class yachts.

Discover amazing Corfu coasts

Corfu is one of the most important islands of Greece. It is called Kerkira and northwest of Greece; The second largest island in the Ionian Sea (a group of islands with a few small islands), Corfu or the Italian version of Corfu, was occupied by the Ottoman Empire, the Italians, the British and the Germans. Finally, the island was taken under the control of Greece, now welcomes tourists from many different countries of the world. Republic of Venice has made the greatest influence of the island of Corfu which has led to the development of culture for centuries by the island’s ruler and a special feature. The island of Corfu also ruled the Romans, the Byzantines, the British and the French. The traces they have left are also recognized today. From architectural structure to art, from museums to archaeological structures, everything is noticed. Finally, the concept of yacht charter in Corfu has developed so much at the last years. The island started to take serious visitors from different countries of the world.

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