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Are you ready to meet with the concept of gulet holidays in Rijeka ? Rijeka is the largest port on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. It is located in Kvarner Bay in the North Adriatic. The word “river” means Rijeka, Croatia’s third largest city. There are many coves and beaches on these sunny coasts of the Mediterranean. The Kvarner Gulf and Istria Riviera meet 50% of Croatian tourism revenues. The amazing places around Rijeka are ideal for water sports; sailing, diving, water polos, fish hunting. Located on the famous Krk island in the Kvarner bay and connected by a bridge to the mainland, and by sea, Cres, Losinj and the Lord’s Islands are from Rijeka. The night life of this city is extremely cheap and very lively. The bar and the clubs are so open up. In the center there are only cafes, shops in the district where only the hill is separated. Coffee consumption is quite high. It is possible to make peaceful walks by the sea. There are many museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art, Maritime Museum.

If you want to discover Rijeka closely, we offer yacht charter in Rijeka with our professional and experienced cabin crew and luxury yachts and gulets. You will find to discover all coasts and bays around Adriatic Sea like DubrovnikSplitZadar and other amazing places. Furthermore, you will see amazing nature and atmosphere while sightseeing around Dalmatia coasts with our special yachts and gulets which are designed for you specially.

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